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Vector Bar is the cocktail recipe app that makes finding and creating terrific cocktails super simple.

Suggestions Galore

Use our Featured or Popular lists to quickly find modern classics and must-make drinks

Make it Yours

Add the ingredients from your bar to find drinks that are Ready Now and get ideas for What to Buy Next.

Tailored to You

Your data is synced so your devices always have the up-to-date list of recents, cocktail logs, settings, etc

Stay Organized,  Find Something New

Mixology Made Easy

Get step-by-step guidance to make your favorite cocktails, organized properly, so you don’t have to read ahead or look back to get the information you need.

With a database of hundreds of cocktails and their variations, find something new to make that fits the ingredients you have on hand. Vector Bar's cocktail book focuses on modern classics from the top mixologists and bartenders around the world

Browse by cocktail color, genre, ingredients used, or even location of origin with our Global Cocktail Map.

Make smaller or larger quantities with the serving size adjustment - want to taste test a few different cocktails?  Make them half-sized.  Want to sit down and enjoy one for a while?  Make it a double!

Your Bar, Your Data

Everything at your Fingertips

Create your own cocktail recipes by copying one from Vector Bar's curated collection or starting from scratch!

Keep notes and star ratings for each drink you mix so you can learn how to improve your craft and tailor it to suit your tastes for the next round.

Build your bar up with Vector Bar's suggestions for what to buy next. Cocktail ingredients are scored based on how many drinks they either complete or help to complete. And it's all based on what you already have on hand!

Create custom lists of your favorites for quick access and to stay organized.

Sophisticated Search

Search for what you want, and what you don't

Vector Bar's search engine helps you quickly find the cocktail you want. Search by name, ingredient, description, and other items such as who invented a drink or where it was created.

Search for multiple ingredients at the same time or even put a "-" in front of an ingredient name to exclude it (perfect when you are looking to avoid a certain flavor).

Connect with Friends

Share your Cocktail Logs with Others

Vector Bar let's you add friends to see what they are making and what they love.

The perfect way to learn about new cocktails to try and what your group likes (or dislikes)!

Adding friends is as easy as sending them a link, and you can manage your friends list at any time.

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Hundreds of Cocktails and Variants

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Hundreds of Cocktails and Variants

See All Ready Now Cocktails

See all What to Buy Next Ideas

Custom Cocktails and Ingredients

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